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MOLAB Mockup & Scale Models

MOLAB at Astronautix

Image credit: Northrop

Image source: SDASM Archives

Lifting Body Research Vehicles

Lifting Body at Wikipedia

Image credit: Northrop

ImagImage source: Numbers Station

Northrop ATF

Advanced Tactical Fighter at Wikipedia

Image credit: Northrop

Image source: National Archives

Northrop Lander

First manned landing on Mars! This Northrop sketch shows how a soft landing on the red planet might look from ground level. A steerable gliding cloverleaf parachute slows the craft down as the retrorockets start to fire. The parachute is then jettisoned, and the retrorockets perform the final maneuver for touchdown. Retrorocket braking was perfected in the 1960’s to provide the soft landings for the Surveyor moon probe.

Project Viking: Space Conquest Beyond the Moon

by Irwin Stambler
G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1970

Image credit: NASA

Image source: Numbers Station