Mach 2 Dawn

Douglas D-558-2 Skyrocket at Wikipedia

Image credit: NASA

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Four Space-Shuttle Concepts

Here are examples of tentative designs for a space shuttle, made public by members of the four industrial teams competing in the project:

  1. McDonnell Douglas/Marietta
  2. Boeing/Lockheed
  3. North American/General Dynamics
  4. Grumman Aerospace

Each of pictured space-shuttle versions is a composite craft consisting of two stages, a booster and an orbiter, and is launched vertically like a space rocket, as shown. It’s two stages separate in space, and both return to earth for re-use.

Image credit: Robert McCall

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For spacemen. And earth families.

This silent morning, on Space Shuttle #28, breakfast will probably begin with Tang.

Imagine a spaceship that carries 12 passengers and lands as easily as an airplane. It will be ferrying back and forth to space by the late 1970’s.
And if the future is like the present, Tang will be there in its galley. Just as it’s on your kitchen table.
Nutritious, orange-flavored Tang. The instant breakfast drink with more Vitamin C than orange juice.
No matter where you are.

Tang. For spacemen. And earth families.

Image credit: Convair

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In Fiction & Non-Fiction

Boeing X-20 Dyno-Soar at Astronautix

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