By Jove!

Jupiter Lunar Landing

From one of Jupiter’s 12 moons, earth astronauts gaze on this impressive, but bleak, view of the 86,900 mile-diameter planet. More than 316 times the mass of the Earth, Jupiter is seven times further from the sun than Earth; would require voyage of one to two months to reach at velocity of one million feet per second. Max Hunter, Douglas Aircraft Company engineer predicts economically feasible trips to Jupiter will be made through development of nuclear thrust spaceship engines. 

Douglas Aircraft Company, Inc. General Offices, Santa Monica, Calif.

Image credit: Douglas Aircraft Company

Image source: Numbers Station

Venus Flyby / Pluto Landing

Not a lot to read online about Convair’s Electra, but if you did want to know a little more a good place to start is Winchell Chung‘s superb Atomic Rockets site. Winchell says he’s not a technical writer, but you better believe he is. Pop “Electra” into the search box, and scroll through until you hit the section. S’good!

Kraft Ehricke at Astronautix

Image credit: Convair

Image source: SDASM Archives