Selena Storyboard

How re-usable ROMBUS-type launch vehicles can be applied to construction of a temporary lunar base (Project Selena).

  1. Vehicle en route for the Moon is refuelled in Earth Orbit;
  2. Soft-lands on the Moon with lunar base components;
  3. Pressurized moon-tractor hauls hydrogen tanks adapted for human habitation to assembly site;
  4. The lunar base is ready for occupation.

Text from Frontiers of Space by Philip Bono & Kenneth Gatland, 1969

Frontiers of Space is peppered with artwork from Douglas, including paintings by Don Charles and James Finnell. In the book, this section was illustrated with (pretty poor) knock-offs. Why? Who knows? These were the masters.

Project Selena at Astronautix

Image credit: Douglas

Image source: SDASM Archives