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Mars Snooper

Missiles and Rockets, Jan 26, 1959

Image credit: ARMA

Image source: Internet Archive

Lunar Logistics Vehicle

Missiles and Rockets, Nov 26, 1962

Lunar Logistics Spacecraft at Astronautix

Image credit: Douglas

Image source: Internet Archive

Preliminary Conception

Missiles and Rockets, Feb 10, 1964

Gemini B/MOL at Astronautix

Image credit: USAF

Image source: Internet Archive


GENERAL DYNAMICS / ASTRONAUTICS artist’s conception of a three-man Manned Astronautical Research Station (MARS) in operation 200 miles above earth. The station in orbit would be linked to a spent Centaur vehicle. The two bodies would rotate about each other, the resulting centrifugal force providing the necessary artificial gravity.

Missiles and Rockets, Feb 10, 1964

Image credit: General Dynamics

Image source: Internet Archive

Jack Leynnwood

Created for Nortronics (Northrop), this Jack Leynnwood painting of a rocket circling the moon graced the cover of Missiles and Rockets in February, 1959.

Missiles and Rockets, Feb 9, 1959

Image credit: Northrop

Image source: Internet Archive

Frank Tinsley

These dramatic renderings by Frank Tinsley were used in a series of print advertisements by the American Bosch ARMA corporation.

  1. Atomic Pulse Rocket
  2. Breaking a Space Traffic Jam
  3. Escape In Space
  4. Mars Snooper
  5. Assembling a station in space
  6. Lunar Unicycle
  7. Nuclear Rocketship
  8. Cosmic Butterfly

An amazing 3D rendering of the Lunar Unicycle by Nick Stevens can be found: here.

Image credit: ARMA

Image source: Internet Archive

Martian Explorer

A Boeing design study for a Mars exploration probe, 40 ft. in diameter and weighing 600 lb. Assembled and launched at a space-station, the unmanned probe would draw its power from the Sun. Propelled by an ion rocket, it would take three years to orbit Mars and return.

Eagle Book of Rockets and Space
Longacre Press, 1961

MARS VEHICLE. Drawing, based on Boeing study, of space vehicle designed for launching from orbiting platform for reconnaissance flight to Mars and return. Lunar, orbital and interplanetary system studies, and expanding programs such as the advanced Minuteman solid-propellant ICBM, are typical of challenging assignments Boeing offers electronic-electrical engineers.

Missiles and Rockets
December 7, 1959

Image credit: Boeing Aircraft Company

Image source(s):

Numbers Station

Internet Archive

Do The Astro!

ASTRO — a manned reusable spacecraft concept developed by Douglas Aircraft.

PLAN AND ELEVATION views of ASTRO A2 vehicle. Note booster vehicle attachment at aft end.

Missiles and Rockets, September 3, 1962

Douglas Astro at Astronautix

Image credit: Douglas

Image source: Internet Archive