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Hawker Siddeley Moonbase

A landing area in the south-western corner of the great Mare Imbrium is suggested for the first expedition because of the wealth of interesting places to explore in that vicinity, the reasonable surface temperature and a surface less rough than that of the southern hemisphere.

Back-Pack suggested for use by Moon explorers. Main items include an oxygen container (1) heated by an electric jacket (2), a battery pack (10), a perspiration trap (12) and a ventilation system for the space suit, with coolant gas entry and exit at 16 and 17.

The whole party would return to Earth in the capsules used to land on the Moon. These would employ a similar re-entry technique to that used by the Dyna-Soar winged orbital vehicle.

Eagle Book of Rockets and Space

by John W.R. Taylor and Maurice Allward
Longacre Press, 1961

Image credit: Hawker Siddeley

Image source: Numbers Station

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