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Mars Surface Vehicles

  1. Minimum Rover
  2. Rover with Augmented Life-Support Services
  3. Shirt Sleeve Rover, One Person
  4. Hybrid Rover Concept
  5. Wheeled Hybrid Rover, with Forward Egress

Image credit: Martin Marietta

Image source: NASA NTRS

Cargo Lander & Utility Vehicle

Image credit: Martin Marietta

Image source: NASA NTRS

Manned Planetary Mission

Mars Expedition 1969 at Astronautix

Image credit: NASA Marshall

Image source: NASA

Six Man Mars Spacecraft

MORL Mars Flyby at Astronautix

Image credit: Douglas

Image source: Numbers Station

Mars Vehicle by John Sentovic

EMPIRE at Astronautix

Image credit: Convair

Image source: Numbers Station

Mars Colony

Image credit: Rockwell International

Image source: Mike Acs

(Professor) Sol Dember

Electrostatic ion-powered five-man spacecraft passing over Mars’ moon Phobos on the way to Mars. One of two “scout cars” will land on the tiny moon and rendezvous with the ship later.

Mars: Planet for Conquest
by Erik Bergaust
G.P Putnam’s Sons, 1967

Image source: Numbers Station

“Complex” Space Vehicle

Complex space vehicles from Earth in orbit around Mars some time in the late 70’s, as visualized by today’s engineers.

The Next Fifty Years in Space
by Erik Bergaust
Macmillan, 1964

Solar Moth at Atomic Rockets

Image credit: Rocketdyne

Image source: Numbers Station