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Mobile Lunar Industrial Vehicle

Image credit: Krafft Ehricke Papers / Space Global

Image source: NASM


Saturn V at Astronautix

Image credit: Krafft Ehricke Papers

Image source: NASM

Man-Carrying Satellite

Found an interesting nugget here.

Convair Shuttlecraft at Astronautix

Image credit: Krafft Ehricke Papers / Convair

Image source: NASM

NASA Earth Orbital Space Station

McDAC A Alternate at Astronautix

Image credit: McDonnell Douglas

Image source: Numbers Station

Saturn: The Ringed Beauty

Saturn seen from its satellite Midas

Saturn with its rings seen edge on

Spaceship explores the rings of Saturn

Conquering the Sun’s Empire
Frederick I. Ordway, III
and Ronald C. Wakeford

Illustrations by Harry H-K Lange

E.P Dutton & Co., 1963

Image source: Numbers Station