Space Shuttle Illustration

Previously shared here on Numbers Station, the same Alvarez artwork without the overpaint:

Shuttle Program at Astronautix

Image credit: NASA

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Numbers Station

Alvarez Shuttle Paintings

In all my digging around on the internet – looking for the rarely seen – I kept coming across the two images above. Beautifully painted by North American Rockwell artist M. Alvarez, they represent an artist on top of their game. They’re stunning!

I found them on Tumblr, Twitter and all over Pinterest and they probably live in a dozen other places online I don’t even know about. They were so super-familiar to me and I couldn’t help but think I’d seen them before. 

Familiar because they’re from Apollo4Ever‘s Flickr.

Mike is a charming and incredibly generous guy who maintains a huge online collection of space related imagery on Flickr.  If you care to click through the source links above you’ll land on his account page and see these in their natural environment. He packs his posts with as much information on each subject as he can find, all of it fascinating. All done for the pure love of the subject. It’s a fabulous rabbit hole to get lost in. Go get lost!

Shuttle Program at Astronautix

Image credit: North American Rockwell

Image source: Apollo4Ever