RI Lunar Base

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Leynnwood Gallery

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Assembly of The Moonships

Weightless in orbit 1,075 miles above earth, workers in space assemble three moon ships. Hawaiian Islands lie below. Winged transports unload near wheel-shaped space station top left. Engineers and equipment cluster around cargo ship lower left, passenger ship center and right.

Man on the Moon.

Collier’s, October 18,1952

Man Will Conquer Space Soon! at Wikipedia

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Moon Town

Lockheed’s Extended Lunar Operations was an extensive lunar base development program that would (after Ranger, Surveyor, and Apollo) have begun with the delivery of ELO modules by Saturn C-5s in 1969, an interim lunar exploratory base constructed in mid 1971 and a permanent base complete by 1975.

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Gemini at Astronautix

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Gemini B/MOL at Astronautix

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Drew Granston


Artist Concept depicts a Gemini Astronaut, wearing an AMU during Extravehicular Activity EVA. An umbilical tether secures the Astronaut to the Gemini Spacecraft. The Agena Target Vehicle is used for Gemini rendezvous and docking maneuvers

Gemini at Astronautix

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Working in Space

Shuttle Program at Astronautix

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