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Gemini by Gorsuch

GEMINI spacecraft orbits Earth after launched into space by an Air Force TITAN II launch vehicle. The two-man vehicle could be headed for a rendezvous attempt with another spacecraft or it could be on an extended flight of a week or more giving the crew experience in flight through outer space.

The Next Fifty Years in Space
by Erik Bergaust
Macmillan, 1964

Gemini at Astronautix

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Frank Tinsley

These dramatic renderings by Frank Tinsley were used in a series of print advertisements by the American Bosch ARMA corporation.

  1. Atomic Pulse Rocket
  2. Breaking a Space Traffic Jam
  3. Escape In Space
  4. Mars Snooper
  5. Assembling a station in space
  6. Lunar Unicycle
  7. Nuclear Rocketship
  8. Cosmic Butterfly

An amazing 3D rendering of the Lunar Unicycle by Nick Stevens can be found: here.

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Lunar Orbit Station at Astronautix

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Apollo Program at Astronautix

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Martin Art Department

Gemini at Astronautix

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