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Apollo 9 Storyboard

Launch Day

Top Left: Flight Crew Preparation

Top Right: Orbital Insertion

Middle Left: 103 N. Mile Orbit

Middle Right: Separation

Bottom Left: Docking

Bottom Right: Docked SPS Burn

Second Day

Top Left: Landmark Tracking

Top Right: Pitch Maneuver

Bottom Left: Yaw-Roll Maneuver

Bottom Right: High Apogee Orbits

Third Day

Left: Crew Transfer

Right: LM System Evaluation

Fourth Day

Top Left: Camera

Top Right: Day-Night EVA

Bottom Left: Golden Slippers

Bottom Right: TV – Texas, Florida

Fifth Day

Top Left: Vehicles Undocked

Top Right: Burns For Rendezvous

Middle Left: Maximum Separation

Middle Right: APS burn

Bottom Left: Formation Flying And Docking

Bottom Right: LM Jettison Ascent Burn

Sixth Thru Ninth Days

Left: Service Propulsion Burns

Right: Landmark Sightings, Photograph Special Tests

Tenth Day

Top Left: CM/SM Separation

Top Right: Re-Entry

Bottom: Atlantic – Splashdown

Apollo Program at Astronautix

Image credit: NASA

Image source: NASA JSC


Apollo Program at Astronautix

Image credit: NASA

Image source: NASA JSC