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Vehicle Requirements

Vehicle Requirements

  • An appropriate Earth Launch Vehicle (ELV)
  • Space Taxis (ST) and associated auxiliary vehicles
  • Long duration ecological system
  • A set of mission modules referred to summarily as Life Support Section (LSS),including a radiation shelter, command module, ecology module, and others such as a workshop module, data transmission module and a more for electric power generation.
  • Orbit Launch Preparation Modules (OLPM) to support fueling and checkout activities.
  • An Earth Entry Module (EEM)
  • Propulsion Modules, for the Heliocentric Interorbital Space Vehicle
  • An Orbital Tanker Vehicle (OTV)
  • A Destination Space Vehicle (DSV) if secondary (excursions) missions are planned at the destination

Image credit: Krafft Ehricke Papers

Image source: NASM

OTV in LLO w/ LSOC and LMs in BG

May I be so bold as to redirect you here, and an absorbing read on Atomic Rockets?

Orbit Transfer Vehicle at Atomic Rockets

Image credit: Convair

Image source: SDASM Archives


Orbit Transfer Vehicle at Atomic Rockets

Image credit: NASA GRC

Image source: National Archives