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Orbital Workshop by Neil Jacobe

B&W (As seen in Roundup dated Nov. 24, 1967)
NOV. 67 S-67-51373


ORBITAL WORKSHOP — Artist’s concept showing how a Saturn S-IVB stage will appear when converted to the Apollo Applications Orbital Workshop. Launched fully fueled with airlock and docking adaptor attached, the S-IVB’s liquid hydrogen tank becomes a shirtsleeve environment workshop after the fuel has been depleted. At left is an Apollo Command and Service Module launched separately and docked into one of the docking adaptor’s ports. The Apollo Telescope Mount is shown docked into one of the side ports. The ATM will be joined to the cluster in a second phase of the program. Solar cell “wings” to provide power fold outward from the S-IVB after orbit is achieved. McDonnell Douglas Corporation’s Missile and Space Systems Division is making the S-IVB orbital workshop modifications under contract to NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and McDonnell Astronautics Company is developing the airlock under contract to MSC. (MCDONNELL DOUGLAS PHOTOGRAPH)

Look closely and you’ll notice subtle differences between this version of the painting and a colour rendering found in the SDASM Archives I’ve shared before.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Jacobe’s work, his artwork for the Douglas MOL can be found here. The images are small and plastered with watermarks, so it’s a bit of a tease but they are beautiful.

Skylab at Astronautix

Image credit: NASA

Image source: Numbers Station