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Apollo 12

Apollo Program at Astronautix

Image credit: Grumman

Image source: Mike Acs

Ocean of Storms

Ryan Aeronautical Company artist’s concept depicting a close-up view of Surveyor 3 resting in the Ocean of Storms on the lunar nearside. Two Apollo 12 astronauts are seen approaching in the background. The Apollo 12 Lunar Module (LM) is in the left background. The Earth is in the right background. The inspection of Surveyor 3, which has been resting on the moon since April 1967, is an important objective of the Apollo 12 lunar landing mission. Selected pieces of Surveyor 3 will be brought back to Earth for scientific examination. Ryan landing radar has guided both Surveyor and Apollo spacecraft to soft landings on the moon.

Surveyor at Astronautix

Image credit: NASA

Image source: NASA JSC