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Orion Vehicles 1/2

Personnel Accommodations

Fig. 3.2 — Factors that influence the location of the shielded powered flight station

Fig. 3.4 — Powered flight station-escape vehicle for 8-man exploration missions with 10-m configurations

Fig. 3.5 — Powered flight station-escape vehicle for 20-man exploration missions with 20-m configurations

Fig 3.6 — Exploration-mission personnel accommodations for an 8-man complement

Fig 3.7 — Exploration-mission personnel accommodations for a 20-man complement

Fig 3.8 — General arrangement of payload spine and magazine payload support columns

Planetary Exploration Vehicles

Fig. 3.11 — Exploration vehicle for Mars orbital capture mission using 10-m propulsion module

Fig. 3.12 — Various payload configurations on basic 10-m propulsion module (with departure weights for 72, 850 fps Mars mission)



Nuclear Pulse Space Vehicle Study

Vol. III — Conceptual Vehicle Designs and Operational Systems (U)

Orion at Atomic Rockets

Image credit: General Atomics

File Source: Cornell

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