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Orion Vehicles 2/2

Lunar Ferry Vehicles

Fig. 3.13 — Exploration vehicle configuration for Jupiter moon landing mission, 20-m propulsion module

Fig. 3.15 — Various payload configurations on basic 20-m propulsion module (with departure weights for given missions)

Fig. 3.16 — Earth-orbit-to-lunar-orbit ferry vehicle

Fig. 3.18 — Lunar-ferry-vehicle command module

Fig. 3.19 — Reference-design passenger module

Fig. 3.20 — Earth-orbit-to-lunar-surface ferry vehicle

Fig. 3.21 — Lunar passenger ferry

Fig. 3.22 — Lunar cargo shuttle

Fig. 3.23 — Solid-propellant-boosted earth-launched lunar logistic vehicles

Lunar Logistics Vehicles

Fig. 3.24 — S-IC boosted earth launched lunar logistics vehicle

Fig. 3.15 — Orbit launched lunar logistics vehicle



Nuclear Pulse Space Vehicle Study

Vol. III — Conceptual Vehicle Designs and Operational Systems (U)

Orion at Atomic Rockets

Image credit: General Atomics

File Source: Cornell

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