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Future Spaceship

An artist’s conception of a future spaceship. The sleek vehicle is powered by nuclear rockets. In this picture we see members of the crew making observations over the east coast of the the U.S.

The Next Fifty Years in Space
by Erik Bergaust
Macmillan, 1964

Image credit: Martin

Image source: Numbers Station


Space World

April 1965, VOL. B-4.18

Helios at Atomic Rockets

Image credit: Space World

Image source: Numbers Station

Martin Apollo

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L. Apollo is pictured here by an artist of The Martin Co., one of three leading Space Age manufacturers awarded study contracts on project by NASA. Apollo was a god of Ancient Greece, son of Clymene and Titan. This is nicely appropriate, since Martin produces the mighty Titan intercontinental ballistic missile.

R. The Apollo lunar spacecraft planned to carry 3 crewmen on round trip between earth and the moon is shown above here enroute among the stars. Protruding fan-shapes are solar arrays to gather energy from sun for use aboard. Apollo was said to have been the triumphant participant in Olympic games. Homer called him the “god of prophecy.”

America’s Mightiest Missile

by Larry Eisinger
Arco Publishing, 1961

Apollo Martin 410 at Astronautix

Image credit: NASA

Image source(s):

Mike Acs

Numbers Station