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Pegasus Cutaway & Plan

Pegasus Intercontinental Passenger Rocket

  1. Forward pressure dome;
  2. Two-man crew compartment;
  3. Re-entry stabilization fines (2);
  4. Cargo compartment;
  5. Aft pressure dome;
  6. Pressurized cabin for passengers (170);
  7. Deck structure (4) with passenger couches (43 each).

Pegasus during atmospheric re-entry uses the LH2-cooled plug nozzle as a heat shield. The ballistic transport would convey 172 passengers and freight 7,456 miles (12,000 km.) in 39 min. without exceeding an acceleration of 3g during ascent or re-entry. At the arrival spaceport it would hover on rocket thrust during a soft landing in the vertical attitude.

Pegasus Passenger Compartment

  1. Four-level passenger access doors (3);
  2. Stairways (2) connecting four passenger decks;
  3. Double-wall acoustic damping structure;
  4. Luggage racks (9);
  5. Re-entry stabilization fins (2).

Frontiers of Space
Philip Bono & Kenneth Gatland
Macmillan, 1969

Pegasus at Astronautix

Image credit: Douglas / Blandford Press

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