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Dyna-Soar Space Glider

(NY28-March II) DYNA-SOAR PROJECT FACES HURDLES–This is an artist’s conception of the Dyna-Soar manned space glider of which the Air Force faces possible loss or severe cutback. Artist shows here how the pilot of the space craft will discard the cockpit heat shield while orbiting in the airlessness of space in order to make scientific observations while circling the globe. (U.S. Air Force Photo via AP Wire photo)(see budget story by Fred S. Hoffman) (pr21128fls) 1963

(LA8-Sept. 20) DYNA-SOAR IN FLIGHT — This artist’s concept of how the Dyna-Soar space ship will be put into orbit around the earth depicts the burnout of the strap-on solid fuel motors and the ignition of the Titan III first stage engines as the solid-fuel motor falls away. Successive stages will blast the Dyna-Soar into an orbit 100 miles high at speeds of more than 17,000 miles and hour. (U.S. Air Force Photo via AP Wirephoto) (rhs51340) 1962

X-20 Dyno-Soar at Astronautix

Image credit: Boeing

Image source: Numbers Station

NAR 130 & Booster

Shuttle Program at Astronautix

Image credit: Convair

Image source: SDASM Archives

Hypersonic Glider

X-20 Dyno-Soar at Astronautix

Image credit: USAF

Image source: National Archives

North American DC-3

Shuttle DC-3 at Astronautix

Image credit: North American Rockwell

Image source: SDASM Archives